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Our Company

The Public Health Laboratory (PHL) of Aruba has three main departments; the Clinical Chemistry & Hematology-, the Microbiology & Infection Serology and the Pathology department. The Clinical Chemistry & Hematology department is located in the Horacio Oduber Hospital and gives a 24-hour service to in patients and the hospital. Outpatient services are from 07:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00, the phlebotomy (blood collection) hours are from 07:00-12:00.

The department of Pathology is also situated in the hospital; the department of Microbiology & Infection Serology is mostly located in the main street and a small group in the hospital.

In the second big city of Aruba, San Nicolaas is also a second Clinical Chemistry & Hematology department, situated in the Centro Medico Rudy Engelbrecht, that gives outpatients the service, where blood can be collected from 07:00- 11:00, materials for the Microbiology can be delivered till 11:00 and materials for Pathology department can be delivered till 16:00.

The PHL works according the Dutch CCKL-laboratory guidelines www.cckl.nl. The PHL endeavors to work according the highest levels of quality in order to function as a diagnostic center within the (inter) national framework.

The PHL lab-personnel are experienced lab technicians/technologist and lab specialists whose degree was obtained in the Netherlands, USA, and or Latin American countries.

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Our Mission


Work at customers relations through the flexible and trustworthy providing of innovative laboratory products and services, with a good price/quality ratio. 

The professional and dedicated staff ensures high-quality services in accordance with determined quality standards.


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Our Vision


The Public Health Laboratory serves as the reference laboratory in Aruba that provides advice and laboratory services to the medical sector, private individuals, Government and to the industry by a professional and dedicated staff 

The objective of the Public health laboratory is making a valuable contribution to the preventive and curative health care against a payable price.


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