The Public Health Laboratory (PHL) of Aruba has three main departments

The Clinical Chemistry & Hematology department is located in the Horacio Oduber Hospital and gives a 24-hour service to in patients and the hospital. Outpatient services are from 07:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00, the phlebotomy (blood collection) hours are from 07:00-12:00.

The department of Pathology is also situated in the hospital.

The department of Microbiology & Infection Serology is mostly located in the main street and a small group in the hospital.

In the second big city of Aruba, San Nicolas is also a second Clinical Chemistry & Hematology department, situated in the Centro Medico Rudy Engelbrecht, that gives out patients the service, where blood can be collected from 07:00- 11:00, materials for the Microbiology can be delivered till 11:00 and materials for Pathology department can be delivered till 16:00.