Accreditation Program 

In January 2003 the Public Health Laboratory has started with a project that would lead us to the accreditation by the Commission on Medical Laboratory CCKL.

Laboratories who received their accreditation by CCKL comply with the criteria from CCKL that are based on the criteria from ISO 15189. The accreditation gives the ability (?) of the education and the competencies of the lab manager, the quality management system of the laboratory and the policies and procedures of the laboratory.

We hope to receive this accreditation in 2006. 

In June 2003 The Public Health Laboratory has joined the project “Strengthening of Medical Laboratory Services in the Caribbean, initiated by the Caribbean Epidemiology Center, CAREC.

The overall objective of this project is to improve national and regional medical laboratory information in CARIFORM countries, resulting in improved patient management, disease prevention and control. 

Our goal in joining this project is to be trained for guiding such a project in our laboratory but also be a reference for other medical laboratories on the island. The PHL laboratory is for coming with legislation and accreditation for all medical laboratories of Aruba, curriculum developments for medical technologists and laboratory specialists.



2004, Aruba Landslaboratorium